Welcome to Norfolk Flyball

Training and racing together since 2013

2018 has been an exciting year for us all at Norfolk Flyball with enthusiastic dogs tugging in new and keen members. We are a friendly and approachable team who welcomes everyone to get involved in this fast and furious sport.

Some of our most successful dogs are rescue dogs, proving that any dog can develop and succeed. As a team we work hard to progress with dogs who can be more challenging than others. We take pride in using force free techniques involving toys, treats, praise and consistency. This creates positive groundwork for dogs to enjoy Flyball and for owners to become passionate handlers.

Photo of Barry Holland's hands holding a set of balls ready for a race

We have members of Norfolk Flyball who, although do not run dogs, are crucial to us and are key team players with integral roles.

I have been a member and box loader for Norfolk Flyball for 3 years. It gives me a chance to support my wife and dog in a sport they both love and be actively involved in the team. I have made many good friends.

Barry Holland

2017 saw our first time racing at the British Flyball Association Championships at Catton Hall in Derbyshire. We raced hard and put all we had into it, our captain even carrying on despite a broken collar bone. She really shouldn't have got in the way of Bracken! We were very proud to come 3rd in our division, we felt it was a good achievement for our first champs.

We also welcomed our 2nd Junior member, Johanna, with Collie Hugo. She joins Chloe with Yogi Bear who has been on the team since she was 10 years old.

Seeing Yogi Bear doing something he really loves makes me happy and I am very proud of the progress that we have made together. I feel as though Norfolk Flyball is an extended family.

Chloe Oliver
Photo of Chloe and Yogi Bear waiting for the start of the next race

In December 2017 United Kingdom Flyball League (UKFL) was born. This is a new Flyball organisation offering more choices and a different way of racing. During 2018 many of our members have attended UKFL events and they have been growing in confidence, developed new skills and become more proactive in the flyball community.

In 2016 The European Flyball Championships came to the UK. Hosted by Cambridgeshire Flyball Teams and held in Ipswich it was an amazing opportunity, and an honour, for us to be able to race there and represent our country alongside other UK flyball teams. Although we didn't make the podium we raced well and, as usual, the teamwork and passion for the sport was beyond measure.

In September 2014 we raced for the first time in an open tournament as the Norfolk Skylarks and we also entered a new starter team called the Norfolk Nibbles.

Luka racing down the lane to fetch his ball while Liz waits for him to come back up the lane

We started training together in March 2013. Being new to flyball we knew very little about it but we have had a lot of help and support from the flyball community. Cambridgeshire Canines were especially helpful with training and advice and we are very grateful to them for all their support.

Our first team was the Norfolk Fledglings and we turned up at the first tournament with no boxloader and knowing virtually nothing. We had to borrow a boxloader and we somehow managed to win the starters division. This was a great boost to our confidence but what really inspired us to continue to race was the warm welcome and huge amount of help we got as a new team.

We continued to race in starters with the Fledglings, while our team captain spent time racing with the Cambridgeshire Flyball Teams to gain experience of open racing.

Norfolk Flyball is my happy place. It's where I get to spend time with my dog and the most amazing people. I have gained so many friends within the flyball team all of whom have helped me grow in confidence

Tracey Brown
Photo of Tracey releasing Taylor for his go in a race

We are very excited about the future and are always looking for new people to join us and share the joy of flyball.

If you are interested in finding out more about flyball and our team you are more than welcome to come and see us. Please contact Sue Seekings.