We train indoors at Burgh Farm, Mattishall on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.

All training is reward based and adjusted to suit each dog's needs. We like to encourage a team atmosphere so don't split the classes but rotate training through the teams/dogs. This way the dogs get a series of short training sessions and a rest in between while the handlers get the chance to have a cup of tea or coffee, a chat and also get to watch the other dogs train and learn about the "other" jobs in flyball, like ball collecting, box loading, helping with stride adjusters and box aids.

Training is broken down into small stages, but it will often include:

  • Chasing the handler for a toy/treat to the handlers left-hand side
  • Retrieving a ball and exchanging for a toy/treat
  • Building up to completing all four jumps/hurdles without any aids
  • Building up a safe box turn (similar to a swimmers turn) and collecting the ball off the box
  • Correct stride patterns both too and from the box
  • Working around distractions eg. dropped balls (moving and stationary), other dogs
  • Working with other dogs, building confidence to be able to race within a team eg. Crossing with another dog
  • Perfecting techniques and team training

All dogs will all take a different amount of time to progress. We never rush training and concentrate on them being successful and happy in what they are doing. Training to be able to race in the full league team can take some time as we will not race a dog if it could risk them becoming injured or gradually causing long term damage to themselves.

For example, Nicky spent almost a year re-training Bracken to ensure Bracken did not cause herself long term damage due to her poor turning technique on the box, which would deteriorate significantly in a team line up and particularly in competition. Bracken can now safely race, although we are still working to improve her turns.

Directions to Burgh Farm, Mattishall

From Norwich take the A47 towards Swaffham and go straight over the first roundabout, continuing along the A47.

At the next roundabout take the first exit, signposted Mattishall and Honingham, then follow the road through the village of East Tuddenham. A short way after the village you will pass a small crossroads. Burgh Farm is on the left just after this crossroads.

When you arrive drive past the farmhouse and around the back to the ménage.

Burgh Farm Dressage, Norwich Road, Mattishall, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 3LL